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Consumer Debt Counselors


Statement of Counseling Services

Consumer Debt Counselors recognizes that when you seek solutions to your financial situation, you have choices. You chose us, and for that that, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist you.

As a valued client, please have every right to expect:

  1. Consumer Debt Counselors recognizes that when you seek solutions to your financial situation, you have choices. You chose us, and for that that, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist you.
  2. Prompt counseling services that will assist you in managing your money based on your financial situation.
  3. A comprehensive assessment of your financial situation, including an appropriate action plan for addressing your situation.
  4. To be given the same advice and guidance that we would want to receive if we, or a member of our family, were in the same situation as you; and sufficient information to empower you to make well informed decisions regarding your financial future and the use of services provided by Consumer Debt Counselors.
  5. Accountability, including having your calls answered promptly and your calls and emails returned in a timely manner.
  6. To have the facts and circumstances surrounding your case treated with the same confidentiality with which we would want to have our own situation treated.
  7. If you choose to enroll in a debt management program, that your funds will be treated with the same sense of personal responsibility and priority with which we treat our own.
  8. If applicable, to receive a certificate promptly upon the successful completion of counseling services.

As a nonprofit company, Consumer Debt Counselors firmly believes that the ability to pay for services should not stand between you and the help that you need. We always make every effort that any contributions that we request from our clients be both modest and affordable.

Initial consultations are provided at no charge.

Financial Counseling

There is no charge for financial counseling.

Debt Management Program

  • One-time set up contribution: $49.00 *
  • Ongoing monthly expense contribution: up to $59.00 per month * †
  • Ongoing monthly education fee: up to $8.00 per month for the first 12 months of the program *

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy and Post-Filing Debtor Education

  • Pre-filing bankruptcy counseling: $30.00
  • Pre-discharge debtor education: $25.00
  • Other policies specific to bankruptcy education are specified in our pre-filing and pre-discharge consumer disclosures.

* Where state law limits monthly expense contributions and/or set up contributions to a lesser amount, state law shall prevail.

Monthly expese contributions vary based on the number of accounts included in the debt management program and the client's ability to pay.

There is no additional charge to complete the course jointly as a couple or for the generation of certificates.

Consumers have the right to negotiate a reasonable alternative payment schedule with regard to unsecured consumer debt. Consumer Debt Counselors can assist clients with setting up an alternative payment schedule such as a debt management program. If we are unable to provide a service needed by a client, we will refer him or her to another approved agency.

Consumer Debt Counselors does not notify any credit reporting bureau of your participation in a credit counseling session, nor will your creditors know that you have met with a credit counselor.

If at any time you choose to enroll in a debt management program, you will close your existing lines of credit, which can impact your total available credit. This may temporarily lower your credit score, but not to the extent that missing payments or having accounts sent to collections would. Long term, dealing with your debt and establishing good practices for managing credit will help your credit score.

The Executive Office for the United States Trustees (EOUST), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), has reviewed only the agency’s credit counseling services and its services as a provider of personal finance management instructional courses pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 111(d) and has neither reviewed nor approved any other services that the agency provides to clients.

Our team of qualified counselors is trained and certified by NeighborWorks of America and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Each counselor can be trusted with personal financial information, and all are qualified to help clients step-by-step make important choices about their finances.

Debt Management Program

Most of the funding for the debt management program comes from a combination of grants and voluntary contributions. Some of these contributions are from creditors who participate in our debt management programs. We neither pay nor receive referral fees for the referral of clients, except under a fair share agreement.

Most of our contributions come from clients.

As a client, you can be assured that your accounts will always be credited with 100% of the amount that you pay through Consumer Debt Counselors, and we will always work with all of your creditors, regardless of whether they are contributors to the agency or not.

Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. may disclose some client information to EOUST in connection with their oversight of Consumer Debt Counselors. Disclosure of client information may also be made during the investigation of complaints, during on-site visits by the EOUST or during quality of service reviews. For more detailed information on how Consumer Debt Counselors handles personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Consumer Debt Counselors is proud to serve all members of the community. One of our corporate values is respect for and encouragement of the diversity around us. We do not engage in the practice of discrimination in the selection and participation of clients in our programs or services with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability status.

We are committed to providing you with professional service that is always empathetic, honest, transparent and accountable. If at any time you are unsatisfied, please let us know.

We Want to Help You

Please speak directly to the staff member involved first. We value direct communication and empower our team to be able to assist you in resolving most issues.

Issue Escalation

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response that you receive, please submit a formal complaint via this page. Your issue will be directed to the staff member's supervisor, and from there escalated to our compliance officer or president if required.

Any information entered here will not be used to send unsolicited email, and it will not be sold to a third party. Read more in our Privacy Policy.