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Quickly Discover Your Student Debt Solutions

Student loan repayment and regulation is anything but straightforward. Student Debt Solutions looks at over 700 different options using a recursive logic engine that filters questions that are relevant to you in about 20-25 questions. It's guaranteed as the most accurate and personalized online tool available. In fact, it's the same tool that our own counselors use as a part of every student loan counseling session.

How It Works

  1. Input your basic information and your federal loan information. (Hint: Easily download all of your loan information via your NSLDS file on the Federal Student Aid website.)
  2. Answer approximately 25 questions tailored to your unique situation. We use the advanced SLADEā„¢ logic engine to identify all of your qualified options, including potential discharges, repayment plans, rehabilitations and more.
  3. Get a customized action plan tailored to your specific circumstances, including full descriptions of your qualified solutions, items for consideration and detailed steps to implement your solutions.
  4. Need extra help? No problem. One of our counselors will still be happy to assist you.

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Save hours and have peace of mind knowing that you have uncovered all of the options that you are eligible for.